Some mods will only work for the player if installed locally but none of them are required to play on the server.

Name Description
Chunky Pregenerator Allows us to pregenerate chunks for an area.
Clumps Causes XP orbs to merge into single large orbs.
Couplings Makes pairs of doors and trap doors work together.
DisFabric Minecraft <-> Discord chat bridge.
DynMap Dynamically updated map of the Minecraft world.
Fabric Tree Chopper Makes cutting down trees more realistic.
Inventory Sorting Quick, simple, and lightweight inventory sorting.
Krypton Attempts to optimize the Minecraft networking stack
Lithium Improves server performance significantly.
Phosphor Performance improvements for Minecraft’s lighting engine.
RightClickHarvest Allows you to harvest crops by right clicking with an empty hand.
Roughly Enough Items An easy way to browse recipes.
Roughly Enough Resources Worldgen support for Roughly Enough Items.
Shulker Box Tooltip Preview the contents of a shulker box without placing it.
Simple Voice Chat Simple in-game voice chat
Spark A performance profiler.
Your Items Are Safe Spawns a chest and armor stand with player items on death.

These mods only work if you have them installed in your client:

  • Inventory Sorting
  • Roughly Enough Items
  • Roughly Enough Resources
  • Spark