Name Version Description
AFK Display v1.1.2 Changes the player name to gray after a period of not moving.
Armored Elytra v1.0.5 Allows the netherite chestplate and Elytra to be combine.
Back v1.3.2 Adds a trigger to take the player to where they last teleported from.
Double Shulker Shells v1.3.2 Double the amount of shells dropped by shulkers.
Gravel to Sand N/A Crafting recipe: 1 gravel = 1 sand (stone cutter)
Homes v1.5.3 Adds triggers to set a home and teleport there.
Silence Mobs v1.1.2 Name a mob Silence me, silence me or silence_me.
Spawn v2.3.2 Adds a trigger to teleport to spawn.
TPA v2.3.2 Adds a tigger to teleport to another player.
Track Statistics v1.1.3 Adds statistics.
Track Raw Statistics v1.5.2 Adds scoreboards.
Useful Flesh N/A Crafting recipe: 4 rotten flesh = 1 leather