Name Version Description
AFK Display v1.1.3 Changes the player name to gray after a period of not moving.
Anti Enderman Grief v1.1.3 Prevent endermen from picking up blocks.
Armored Elytra v1.0.6 Allows the netherite chestplate and Elytra to be combine.
Cauldron Concrete v2.0.6 Create concrete by placing concrete dust in a cauldron with water.
Double Shulker Shells v1.3.3 Double the amount of shells dropped by shulkers.
Homes v1.5.4 Adds triggers to set a home and teleport there.
Silence Mobs v1.1.3 Name a mob Silence me, silence me or silence_me.
Spawn v2.3.3 Adds a trigger to teleport to spawn.
Track Statistics v1.1.4 Adds statistics.
Track Raw Statistics v1.5.3 Adds scoreboards.