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1.6 changes

For a full list of changes see: http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/1hf6cr/16_is_now_officially_out/

With the 1.6 update coming very soon (next week) we want to remind you that the server can never be updated as soon as the new version is released. We work hard to keep an eye on the server builds and plugins to assure that we can update, and every effort is made to do that as soon as possible.

Unfortunately these updates are out of our control and we're at the mercy of others.

Please keep a copy of the current launcher you are using for minecraft after the update is released. If you update to 1.6 without having a way to launch a 1.5.2 version you will be unable to connect to the server until we're able to update.

There's lots of really cool features in the new release, and I for one am excited to see how you guys implement some of the new features in your amazing builds.

There are many changes to the all-around appearance and sound of the gaming experience in the 1.6 Minecraft Update. One of the most notable and highly anticipated modifications to these updates are the horse variations. The horse Minecraft update will include two new subtypes; there is a Skeleton and a Zombie version now available.

These various horse types have different speeds and endurances. They will be able to jump one block, meaning they can be ridden up hills. With the addition of hay bales, your horse’s diet can be varied as well.

The animal fun doesn’t stop there! Donkeys with a chest-saddle capacity of 15 inventory slots look like small, grey horses. By breeding a donkey with a horse, mules are created. They are brown in color and taller than a donkey. Just like mules in real life, these animals cannot be bred. Mules can also carry chest-saddles.

Other than making up great animal additions, the development team at Minecraft have been hard at work. This release also included over two dozen bug fixes. They have fixed everything from horse-related bugs, broken animations, the scroll wheel in crash reports, damaged anvils and more.

The players will also encounter several feature changes; the villagers now have sound, there are no more lakes in the desert and pigs will now come with a health bar when being ridden. Many new items have been introduced into the mix; horse armour, hay blocks, carpets, hardened clay, horse spawn eggs, and blocks of coal.

If that wasn’t enough, there have been some alterations to gameplay in the 1.6 Minecraft update. Extra tooltip information, mob difficulties perceptions have been changed, the respiration enchantment helps when you are seeing underwater and riding mounts has been changed slightly.

The upcoming changes in Minecraft 1.6 are extremely exciting, and Minecraft fans everywhere are sure to enjoy these wonderful new features.

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