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Super steam game giveaway

SuperJail Steam Games Giveaway!

1st Ever Superjail! SuperSwine Grand Prix!
Great Prizes to the winners: Steam Games!!! (20 Steam games to give away! Like Magicka, Skyrim, Trine, etc)

Utilizing the prestigious Superjail! Pig Racing Arena, Contestants will race to see who is the better pig handler and compete for Fabulous Prizes.

All players can enter for a limited time only. NO need to be A rank or above.

1st Place: Castle Crashers/Magicka W/Vietnam DLC/1 Game key of your choice
2nd Place: Castle Crashers/1 Game Key of your choice
3rd Place: Castle Crashers
These are all Steam Games, you get a Code for Steam.
IP: jail.lagcraft.com
The Tournament Preliminaries is will be held on the Jail Server on:
January Friday 25th, 2013 @9PM EST
The Quarter and Semi Finals will be held:
January Saturday 26th, 2013 @9PM EST
The Final Race will be held:
January Sunday 27th, 2013 @9PM EST

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