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Guard Rules

Guard status is a privilege granted at the preference of Wardens. It may be taken away at any time for any reason. To keep your position as a guard, you are expected to follow rules outlined below.


  • The primary job of every guard is to protect and help the players.
  • A guard must witness the crime to punish, otherwise it didn't happen.
  • Guards killing prisoners without a reason must be demoted to a lower rank or even fired from the staff.
  • If a prisoner is caught with illegal stuff (weapons, armors and drugs) a guard must ask for them by counting down five seconds in the chat. If the prisoner refuses to take over the items, run away or attack the guard, the countdown is canceled and the punishment¹ will be applied.
  • PvP (Player vs Player) is not allowed, and the guard must protect the prisoner that's being attacked. If the attacker cannot be determined, both players will be punished.
  • A guard cannot revenge. If a guard is killed by another prisoner, this same guard cannot jail or attack back. Although, if another guard witnessed this crime, the punishment will be applied as PvP crime.
  • During riots² the countdown is not necessary. The usage of this rule must be only to keep the prisoner's safety and the public peace.
  • ¹: Punishments can vary between killing and jailing. As jailing will only be applied if the prisoner stands in a safe zone (non-pvp) and killing in pvp zones.
  • ²: def. riot = When the number of hostile prisoners exceeds by two the number of online guards available to help. Although if the guard's power is higher than the hostile prisoners involved and the guard(s) can deal with the situation normally, the definition doesn't apply.
  • obs.: Excess in any kind is also punishable, like excessive pvp, illegal stuff spam, following and annoying the guards, forcing countdowns, etc.
  • obs. 2: The guards can use their own discretion to solve any kind of problem in the prison. However, they must bear in mind that the purpose of their job is to protect prisoners, not persecute them.

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