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Updated to full 1.8

New Important dates:

UPDATE: The closing date for the old world has been set to January 1st 2015.

That means a new nether and a new end will be made for the new world, so be sure to get all your end and nether stuff before jan 1st comes.




Lagcraft has officially updated to 1.8.1! You may now update your clients. Go to your profile in your launcher and click latest.

Portal to the new 1.8 world is at /spawn

Info on transferring buildings can be found here: http://form.lagcraft.com/

Server is currently running on a development build, you may notice some bugs and glitches. If you or a friend discover any known glitches regarding conflicts with plugins or even just something out of the ordinary, please let us know through an in-game "/ticket" or the website tab "Contact us".


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