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Economy Changes ahoy'

Economy Overhaul.

The Economy needs changing and it means lots of new features but also lots of changes, please bare with me while I explain this the best I can.

The economy of a Minecraft world is pretty fascinating because everything about the world is fabricated by players using resources mined from the same world, a feature not present in most games. While bartering is enjoyable, trading can be challenging because you may not have the item the seller seeks, and you’re also encouraged to delay trade until the real necessity arises. With bartering, some items are impossible to sell because the effort involved in trading for them (and calculating the right barter ratio) is significantly greater than crafting the item themselves, even if prices are as low as you can go. That leaves us with need for an official currency, and probably one that’s driven by money, real money, donations in fact. (to lubricate the process even further).

The current outdated economy has many issues, including being exploitable. Emeralds worked for a short time but with villagers changes the whole system became unstable and volatile.



New Economy info:

For starters, all old credits will be wiped. The new currency will be called, ready for it... Lagoons, yes, you read right, a lagoon or lagoons if you have more than one.

As stated above, the backing for lagoons for be partially barter based and real usd based backings. You will be able to buy lagoons from the donation shop or earn them in-game.

A huge change with spending lagoons will be the chance to buy donation shop items with lagoons too, so you will not have to spend real money to earn those perks.

These changes will not go into effect till the 24th of may. This Saturday. Till' then I will be implementing all the new changes and redoing the economy plugin along with adding new ways to earn lagoons in game, including daily lagoon rewards just for logging in each day.

Each user will start with 1,000 lagoons and not finalized yet, but could also earn 1 lagoons for logging in each day.

Any questions comments or concerns should be put in this thread: http://www.lagcraft.com/index.php/forum/4-news-and-information/3791-economy-changes#3934






How can I earn lagoons?

  • New players start with 1,000 lagoons (awarded during the tutorial).
  • Players get a daily sign-in bonus of 1 lagoon when connecting to a server.
  • You can create your own shop or sell items to other players (see below).
  • Offering services.
  • Buy lagoons from the donation shop.
  • Auctioning items on the Forums.

Where can I spend lagoons?

Both player shops, and the mbcraft shops accept lagoons as a form of payment. Lagoons can also be spent on upgrades, traded with other players for services, and lots more.

Certain commands cost lagoons to use, including the /home command.

Lagoon Commands

/pay PlayerName Amount - Pay someone lagoons. Example: /pay jadedwolf 9001
/money - Check your lagoon balance.

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