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We Need Your Help!

Donations are needed.

We need your help to keep this community alive and running.

Spread the word, even if you can not help, tell a friend.

We are trying to get as many donations as we can to move to our new data-center and get our server packed and shipped and set up.. This of course requires money. We are normally a donation free community, and trust me when I say, this bugs me a lot to have to ask our community for help.

We are looking at around 1,500 USD to cover everything. (We have 400usd atm which we raised in sept) Which does not include our personal money we are adding.

Once we meet our goal, we will close donations and all extra will go back to its rightful awesome donators.

The hardest part about this whole situation is, we have always been a self sufficient thriving community and it pains me to ask for help.


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