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Welcome to lagcraft a fast, legit-oriented server with a strong community focus and several fun, custom, unique plugins and mods. We've been running continuously for several months, with no server resets and no end in site.

We strive on being unique, innovative and community oriented.
We have options for any playstyle.
We have a Survival world, Creative world and a Redstoning world as well as multiple servers.
Expansive variety of mods for offering a great game play experience, with griefer protection, custom items, custom drops and contraptions, and much more.
Always adding and improving gameplay.
Dedicated servers! No donations!
Lagcraft is dedicated to giving a fun and consistent Minecraft experience to everyone.

Server info:

  • IP: lagcraft.com (open with MC client)
  • Port: 25565
  • Playerlimit (online): 999

To report any issues, griefers, trolls and rule breakers. Please do so via this contact form. http://contact.lagcraft.com

Backups made regularly and archived to protect your work. All blocks are logged over mysql. (Every block placed, removed, touched or changed is logged and can be rolled back) users are frequently checked up on and monitored by invisible mods and admins. (antigrief)

So even if no-admins are around, all your actions are being logged. If you go into someone else's property and steal items, place lava or just generally destroy it, we will know about it.

Make sure you don’t go damaging other peoples work, or you will face punishment.

Rules Post: http://www.lagcraft.com/index.php/rules

If you are banned for any reason, you will be required to post an unban request in the forums. The admin or moderator that banned you will have to OK your unban request, and it is entirely at their discretion. Do not ask to be unbanned from vent. The unban request thread will be watched closely for requests.

The mumble voice address is:

IP: mumble.lagcraft.com, Port: 64738

If you need help in game, please ask [ Trusted ] users first, then [ Moderators ] or [ Admins ]. Do not spam chat with requests for help.



The server is stable. Performance tweaks have been implemented but depending on number of users online and the number of hours since a reboot you may experience slight lag. We're very newly post-updated so bukkit and the plugins we use have yet to be optimized for performance. Please keep this in mind while playing on the server.

Remember folks: Complaining about lag won't help us fix it. If you want to point out the lag, do so constructively, ideally in a forum post that details exactly the type of lag you are experiencing (block placement / block destruction / item pickup / chat / movement) and where. This will help us pinpoint the source/cause of lag and give us a better chance of fixing it.


If you see the message that the server is restarting, please log out. Logging out saves your status in the world and helps prevent rollbacks, After logging out, please wait a good five minutes before attempting to reconnect. If you reconnect immediately, you log in while the server is still issuing the 'stop' command. This makes what should be a few-seconds-long process take up to minutes because the server then needs to deal with booting you from the game again. Please, just be patient.


The Role of LagCraft Staff

The lagcraft Staff are here to keep the server a friendly, fun place to hang out and play Minecraft. They make sure our players are playing nice with each other, and are having fun while abiding by the lagcraft server rules. They are NOT here to run around answering every player's beck and call, to 'serve' players' every whim in any way. They are to be respected and listened to at all times. While this all sounds quite serious - the admins are also all very fun, friendly people and will help you with genuine help requests whenever possible!
What lagcraft Staff Won't Do:

-Spawn items for players.
-Clear land for players, unless in the traditional sense with a pick and shovel, if they aren't busy and want to help out.
-Change the time of day or the weather on any world other than Creative
-Cuboid(worldguard)-protect player homes
-Create personal portals
-Refund items lost by theft (unless we can absolutely prove exactly what was stolen)
-Refund items lost as a result of bugs*

* - Minecraft is still in development, and thus in a state of constant updating and bugginess. The same applies for Bukkit and all plugins that we use on the server. By playing on our server, you accept that bugs can and do occur, and that lagcraft staff will accept no responsibility for items lost because of bugs. Our advice to players is to travel lightly and keep all important belongings in chests.


Server Rules can be found here: http://www.lagcraft.com/index.php/rules

To those that have read the whole thing, good job! There are other cool things on the server as well, but you will just have to find them out in game for yourself. I can't reveal exactly how everything works now, can I?

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