Information in regards to downgrading minecraft to use an older version and get on
     Last updated: May 1st, 2013

Why do I need to downgrade?

     Recently Jeb updated minecraft or you wouldn't be here.
     When minecraft updates our plugins for users fun, backups and security are broken and need fixing.
     Updating lagcraft's core plugins can take between a day and two weeks please be patient.

How do I downgrade?


 Your best option is to use the recommended minecraft launcher we have from MultiMC.


Manual ways


Windows: Navigate to %appdata%/.minecraft/bin and extract this minecraft file there.


Download a clean

Minecraft 1.5.1 Jar file

  • Type %appdata% into the start menu
  • Open .minecraft folder
  • Open the bin folder
  • Delete the current Minecraft.jar file
  • Paste in the Minecraft 1.4.6 jar file
  • Done
  • Enjoy the servers which will be pretty empty!

  •      Mac Users: Navigate to User/Library/Application Support/minecraft and extract this minecraft file there.

         Everyone else: Find your computers application data folder and place
    this minecraft file into \.minecraft\bin overwriting the old one.

         Latest lagcraft compatible client: Minecraft client 1.5.1      

    By downloading this file, you agree that you already own a legit copy of Minecraft and will not distribute its game files on p2p networks or filesharing websites or to people who have not purchased Minecraft. I am not responsible for any damages that may occur to your game.


    If none of the above has helped, this post should: